About Us

Meet Kirsty & Mark

Sometimes the pressures of life bought about by ill-health, a disability, loneliness or depression impact on our motivation & desire or ability to cook. Often it’s the last thing we can or want to do.

Our sense of independence can be challenged by admitting we might need a little help. 

What started off as volunteering to help in the community, turned into Kirsty’s Kitchen, way back in 2012 when Kirsty & Mark decided that the range of meals for the elderly in their local community was well below a standard that they would give to their relatives.

From the outset they wanted to be better and different to all the other services, and they accomplish this by:

– Cooking all meals fresh each day.

– Delivering all meals to their customers hot and ready to eat.

– Giving their customers three meal options 7 days a week.

– Working 365 days a year (including Christmas)

– To run a family business and forge local links.

Kirsty has over 20 years experience as a qualified chef whilst Mark has Level 2 Food & Hygiene and over 25 years experience in hospitality.

Kirsty’s Kitchen has a purpose built kitchen which carries a “5 Star” Health & Hygiene rating to which they are very proud of as well as being members of the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme for over 6 years.

But Kirsty’s Kitchen don’t just deliver tasty nutritious meals, they care about their customers, they look after their customers, they monitor their customers!

As well as offering a contactless delivery service, where we don’t have to enter a property or make contact with the customer; we can enter the property, deliver the meal and at the same time ensure our customer is safe.

Loss of appetite, confusion, weight loss, general health are just some of the signs Kirsty’s Kitchen delivery personnel may observe. Many of their customers find their meal delivery as a reassuring and pleasurable part of the day, but sometimes sensitive intervention, alerting next of kin of any concerns can make the difference between medical treatment by a GP or a hospital stay.

Kirsty’s Kitchen cares!